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Home Theatre Automation

Home Theatre

Fully integrated home theaters & media rooms

When we go to a traditional cinema theatre, we sit, relax and enjoy the movie without operating any of the equipments. Today, it’s a big challenge to get the same viewer experience in home theater mainly due to the technically sophisticated Audio-Visual-Lighting systems and its bunch of remote controllers. Integrated home theatre automation enables you to create the exact replica of Theatre experience at your home by tap of a button on your tablet or mobile devices.

What if you could press a button to access your music , movies and photo albums rather than searching for titles everywhere ? It takes just seconds to switch between your favorites and media sources like Blue-Ray, Media Player, TV Channels and Internet Video etc. Create perfect ambience for your theater with integrated lighting controls, window curtains etc. This is just a subset of user experiences and home theater automation can take you beyond your imagination.

Home theatre
Don’t shuffle the remotes –
Enjoy your show. Operating home theatre made easy.
  • Dim Lights and lower shades while projector starts
  • One click selection of Movies, Music and TV channels
  • Watch outside camera from same screen
  • Set perfect temperature inside theater with integrated climate control

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