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Landscape Audio

Landscape Audio

Make the most of the great outdoors

Our unique range of award winning landscape speakers bring a new dimension to your outdoor audio experience. The array of speakers not only blend to your outdoors, but provide rich sound with amazing amounts of volume. Totally weatherproof and robust design with flexible mounting options make it perfect for any outdoor installations.


Sonance continues its award-winning audio philosophy outdoors, with a range of all-weather products that are designed to deliver best-in-class performance and best looking aesthetics in every exterior environment. From courtyards and patios to entire residential estates or resort gardens, Sonance is the undisputed leader in high fidelity sound for the great outdoors.

Sonance Landscape Systems

SLS - Sonance Landscape Systems

Sonance Landscape Series is a totally scalable outdoor speaker system that delivers perfectly even volume coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any size space. Described by one critic as outdoor sound to “knock their socks off”, SLS provides jaw-dropping sonic performance from small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers that are hidden completely out of sight amongst plants and under foliage.

SLS - Sonance Landscape Systems

Sonarray Satellite Speakers

Landscape Speakers

Sonarray Landscape Series delivers the best sound at the perfect volume throughout your backyard without disturbing your neighbors. Hidden out of sight and made to withstand extreme weather conditions, it's the perfect solution for your space.

SLS - Sonance Landscape Systems

Rock Speakers

rock speakers
Rock Speakers

Sonance rock speakers have been designed to blend in to outdoor environments. Available in either granite or brown finishes, with a natural stone texture and contours that continue across the grille surface, the look of these speakers will compliment landscaping designs and disappear into their surroundings.

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